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26.2 Just ahead of me


I thought of the pun in the title ages ago (as you might guess, since it refers to a song by Tool), and I’m not going to let something like not having blogged in six years keep me from getting to use it.

I never thought I would use it, but after a few years of trying to see how far I can make my body run without it collapsing (with so far pleasantly surprising results), today I’m going to run the Philadelphia Marathon. And blogging, I guess? We’ll see how it goes.

UPDATE: I wasn’t able to post this from the starting corral; I assume the cell networks around there were groaning with the strain of all the people in that area. I ran that marathon! Unofficial time was 4:47:59, with which I am entirely satisfied.


These cogs are rusty

…and I’m not sure if this will be the way to unrust them, but it’s a way, so that’s fine.

Poor impulse control

Holy Jesus balls, why would I ever open a thread on Warren Ellis’ forum called “I Did Not Need To See That?”

Actually, I know why.  Anyway, no link for you, because if you have to find it yourself, you have only yourself to blame.


Go, vote!  I don’t care what state you live in, whether your vote counts or not, go cast it.

I went this morning, before work, in Quincy, Massachusetts.  The line was negligible, and I was in and out pretty quickly.

My brain still hasn’t fully absorbed that I may just have voted for the first black President of the United States.  I think it might take a while for something that big to sink in.

Lawrence Fucking Lessig

I think I’ve made it clear by this point that there’s a poster on the wall of the dorm room of my soul that replaces that iconic Che Guevara face with Larry Lessig’s.This presentation is about trust in government, particularly Congress, and how that trust is eroded when everyone knows that legislators are getting tons of money from the interests they’re legislating about. It’s an hour long, so get a comfortable chair and maybe grab two beers out of the fridge before you sit down.


Today in Stuff I Find Fascinating

Robert Farley has made the case that the Air Force shouldn’t be its own branch of the military.  It should be folded back into the Army and Navy, with, according to my basic understanding of his argument, the Army taking over its tactical roles and the Navy taking over its strategic roles (especially w/r/t nukes).

The whole ensuing discussion on that article is interesting to me, and I bring it up because of his recent post on the subject.  I don’t have anything to add, I just think it’s worth reading.

Wait, I do have something to add.  I’m all for the Navy taking over the Air Force’s space defense mission.  Every SF space-battle scenario I’ve ever seen equates spaceships with naval ships, and maps the structure of a navy onto space fleets.  So obviously, our species has already decided which branch of the service should handle space defense.

Spaceships, not space planes.  QED.

Quote of the Day II

Anil Dash, to whom I linked downblog, ruminates upon history:

A side note: The most amazing thing about the Ice Cube-as-sitcom-dad evolution we’ve discussed above is not that the Crazy Motherfucker Named Ice Cube is now Disney-ready, but rather that Snoop can get away with wearing these pimped-out 80s-style clothes! Indeed, Eazy E had called our Dre for exactly that kind of outfit, if I remember correctly. There was a mocking photo of Dre in a baby blue outfit, released sometime around that 5150 album where Eazy E had the Black Eyed Peas (!) join him in making a dystopian Christmas song about how horrible life is. Now Eazy’s dead, Snoop’s appropriating the look that used to be worth mocking, the Black Eyes Peas are making overwrought musical presidential endorsements, and Cube is Ward Cleaver. And Dre is still making beats. Who’da thunk?

I hazily recall that I myself recently held forth to my special lady friend on the subject of The Fate of Ice Cube, in the bar toward the end of the night. I think she finds it amusing when I get to the point of delivering soliloquies on the state of hip-hop/the blogosphere/my newfound love of Warhammer 40K novels. And by “think,” I mean “hope.”

Both Super and Fat

So I guess it’s Mardi Gras today, as well. Um, show me your tits?

Alternatively, tell me stories of voting today, if you live in one of the primary states (and I know I have peeps in Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois who might be reading this).

If you didn’t vote, and don’t want to go to all the bother of untucking your shirt, then use this space to discuss what you’re getting Barack Obama for Valentine’s Day.

I have little to nothing to add

I will blog tonight. And every night for the next week. But I won’t necessarily have anything useful to say. For instance, tonight, I just want you to read things that other people have to say. Start with this post on Feministe about a very good Bob Herbert column that has only one flaw: Herbert doesn’t quite grasp the humanity of women who work in the sex industry.

Further, read a few posts at Ilyka’s: Occasionally Conversations with my Man Are Instructive, and the more recent I Also Don’t Give Lectures on Particle Physics, If You Were Wondering, and Obsolescence and a Wish for the New Year.

See also, perhaps, the Creek Running North threads Props to those who’ve earned them and An ally 101 thread.

Among the blogs you might also spend your time perusing are ones that appear on the right over there: Blackamazon, brownfemipower’s place, and Renegade Evolution (this last blog being, I edit to add, not safe for most workplaces) – and that’s just for instance; do feel free to follow links to other links above.

My point, if I may be so presumptuous as to claim one, is only that when people tell us what their lives are like, I believe it to be both polite and practical to take their word for it.

I, for one, welcome etc.

John: Robot overlords. You are “pro-robot overlords”.

Tyrone: They bring world peace, universal health care —

John: At the cost of our freedoms!

Tyrone: MY POINT EXACTLY. We’re already giving up our freedoms — our right to privacy, gone. Warrantless arrest, gone. Right to have your vote counted is super-gone depending on the state you live in, right to stand trial, gone — we have torture. We already have all the downsides of a supposed robotic takeover, but we’re being cheated of the upside! I say, if this is the world we’re gonna live in anyway, at least let the robot overlords have their shot. World peace, technological utopia — and no crime! The robot overlords’ crime control is swift and merciless.

John: But it’s completely … uncaring All people will be punished equally regardless of circumstance!

Tyrone: I’m sorry, did you forget I was black?

Lunch Conversations #4223: Getting In on the Ground Floor

Got a few extra dollars?

You’ll notice I’ve added a doohickey to the right column of the blargh. It’s a link to donate money to Project Valour-IT, a charity that provides voice-activated laptops to severely wounded soldiers (I learned about it from LGM). That seems like a pretty fantastic cause to me, so I encourage you to throw some money their way. There’s a friendly competition going on until November 11th where teams associated with different branches of the service vie to raise the most money. My dad was in the Navy, so that’s the team your donation will go through.

Better dead than some sort of faggot.

I’ve lived in Massachusetts for six years now, so I already knew that Mitt Romney is a total shitbag.

I feel very strongly about this because, as I said earlier, I believe that maintaining the strength of the marriage relationship, the family relationship, is critical to the strength of an entire society.

And I believe that the development of children is enhanced by having a male and a female as part of their upbringing in their home. Even when there’s a divorce, you still have a mom and a dad. And even where one member of the partnership may pass away, the memory and the characteristics of that gender, of that partner influence the development of a child.

I’m in favor of promoting, as a society, the marriage of men and women and the development of children in that kind of setting.

There you go, kids. Better to have dead parents than gay parents. It’s awesome how getting the Republican nomination depends on who can say the vilest shit. C’mon, Rudy, Mitt said gay parents can’t compete with dead ones! You better come back with some really compelling torture scenarios!