Go, vote!  I don’t care what state you live in, whether your vote counts or not, go cast it.

I went this morning, before work, in Quincy, Massachusetts.  The line was negligible, and I was in and out pretty quickly.

My brain still hasn’t fully absorbed that I may just have voted for the first black President of the United States.  I think it might take a while for something that big to sink in.


4 thoughts on “Vote!

  1. eric

    me too! me too!

    I’ve never had the feeling my “vote counted” in RI or MA, yet even in very democratic Hawaii when I voted last Thurs the weight of the idea that everyone gets one vote and the President is always elected by a group of “one vote”s hit home.

    I mean they called Hawaii at 6pm along with CA and the others literally the minute our polls closed before 1 precinct had reported. There was never any doubt, but I was still a part of this.

    Huffington Post is leading with a slideshow of people celebrating all over the world. So dope that in one day we’ve returned to being the land of opportunity, freedom, and hope all over the world. The work’s still left to be done, but what he represents is off the charts groovy.

  2. Ananth

    Good day for America, even if your guy didn’t win. Now let’s just pray for a successful presidency, we all need it.

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