Failed his saving throw vs. mortality

Aw, man.  Gary Gygax died.


I bought the D & D basic set when I was, like, eight, I think.  I didn’t have anyone to play it with until I got a little older and a) thus, so did my younger brother, b) some kids around our age moved in up the street.  So I contented myself with rolling up characters,  reading the monster descriptions in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and drawing dungeon maps on graph paper.  To this day I write in all caps, having developed the habit because it made my writing more legible on graph paper, which we also used for our homemade character sheets.

Anyway, D & D was hugely influential, on me and on our culture, so I lift a flagon of mead to Gygax’s memory.


18 thoughts on “Failed his saving throw vs. mortality

  1. pedro

    A whole lot of who I am was rolled randomly on so many of Gygax’s tables. I spent days of my childhood just reading those tables and thinking of the possibilities and combinations. Man. What a wonderful childhood I had cause of Gygax.

    So when do we play a game, Steve? I got the 3.5 books and with 4.0 on the verge of release…we should try to pay the man some sort of tribute!

  2. Steve

    I guess when one of us actually gets his ass to the other’s city.

    And only if you DM, or get someone to do it. I hate DMing.

  3. eric

    d&d sleepovers up the street are some of my fondest memories. I still chuckle about the phase where every character (even mages) had to have 18-50/100 strength. this of course coincided with borrowing mjolnir and battling the fenris wolf and norse gods. good times.

    I can’t even imagine life w/o d&d. not to mention everything it influenced in my life (including metal miniatures, good literature, and some of the greatest video games of all time – oh, baldurs gate II, I love you so).

  4. Steve

    Oh, totally. My paladin had 18/99 strength, but my ranger/magic-user only had 18/76. I forget the paladin’s name, now. C-something the Bold, I think. Cador? The ranger’s name was Decatur Truxtun, because that was during the period when we named all our characters after U.S. naval ships.

  5. Steve

    I would think with the internets and skype you could set you online dd sessions….

    Yeah, but that’s no fun. It’s much better when everyone’s all in a room, gorged unto insensibility on pizza and Dr. Pepper, and cross-examining the shit out of the DM. You gotta be able to look that wily bastard in the eye.

  6. pedro

    Bah. I hate DMing too! Damn players always want to do their own thing and here I am…having written an entire world for them!

    “The adventure is Lizardman caves, you douches! Why are you so intent on going out and exploring the woods? Cocksuckers! While in the woods you find a cave full of lizardmen? Oh. you don’t want to go inside? A beholder appears and kills you 10 different ways. I’m taking my shit and going home. Fuckers. See you next week.”

    Whew. Now I feel like I actually played some D&D! Woot!

  7. Steve

    Man, now I feel like I played D&D. Except you didn’t start of with “Your party is in the local tavern…” Every adventure I ever went on started in a tavern.

  8. pedro

    I once tried to start an adventure not in a tavern (it was on the deck of a recently docked ship) and the players immediately asked “Is there a tavern we could talk in? Let’s go there!”


  9. Barbarisi

    I just totally lost my shit at work while reading that “Lizardman Caves” diatribe. Whenever my fellow nerdlets and I would try to go outside, the stupid DM would rain down lightning on our heads, so that would always end that trip real quick. Steve, welcome to the rotation of blogs I waste time on daily. Congrats.

  10. pedro

    I still haven’t run that damn Lizardman cave adventure. Now I have to convert it to 4.0! Goddamnit.

    By the way, totally picked up 4.0, Steve. Looks pretty sexy. Dying to play it…might even run it!

  11. pedro

    This blog has remained quiet for ages! It’s sort of sad. So many blogs without updates…the Detroits of the interwebs.

  12. Steve

    I’ve been getting itchy. This may or may not lead to anything in the way of blogging, but don’t sell your OCP stock just yet.

  13. pedro

    Might want to see a doctor about the itching. Have you seen my most nerdy blog? Adepticus Prime. That’s right. It’s awesome.

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