Today in Stuff I Find Fascinating

Robert Farley has made the case that the Air Force shouldn’t be its own branch of the military.  It should be folded back into the Army and Navy, with, according to my basic understanding of his argument, the Army taking over its tactical roles and the Navy taking over its strategic roles (especially w/r/t nukes).

The whole ensuing discussion on that article is interesting to me, and I bring it up because of his recent post on the subject.  I don’t have anything to add, I just think it’s worth reading.

Wait, I do have something to add.  I’m all for the Navy taking over the Air Force’s space defense mission.  Every SF space-battle scenario I’ve ever seen equates spaceships with naval ships, and maps the structure of a navy onto space fleets.  So obviously, our species has already decided which branch of the service should handle space defense.

Spaceships, not space planes.  QED.

2 thoughts on “Today in Stuff I Find Fascinating

  1. Ananth

    Super Defense Fortress! Super Defense Fortress!

    Also having space stuff be navy mean we get space marines… which, as anyone who has seen Aliens can attest, kick ass.

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