Free SF!

The title is a description, not a command. Tor is giving away free .pdfs of some of their titles, at the rate of one a week, and they’ll email them right to your own personal inbox, if only you ask. Not only that, there’s a contest involved. I’m signed up, of course, because if there’s anything I like more than a book, it’s a free book transmitted directly through the ether into my home.

And of course, there is also the Baen Free Library.

7 thoughts on “Free SF!

  1. Ananth

    What the hell is SF? The correct abbrevation is Sci Fi…… I thought San Francisco was under arrest….

  2. Nicole

    Dork alert! Although I will say my knowledge of your paste-eaterness has helped with the kids with autism- they love love love their sci-fi/fantasy so I like to exhibit my sensitivity to the topic.

  3. Steve

    SF is most definitely an accepted abbreviation for science fiction. It has the benifit of also being able to stand for “speculative fiction,” which comprises fantasy as well.

    Nicole, don’t front like you didn’t love Transformers and the Lord of the Rings movies. You have a pretty high midichlorian count yourself, if you know what I’m sayin’.

  4. Nicole

    You’re a bad speller. And Lord of The Rings and Transformers are kind of mainstream dorkiness. I fully admit I love them. I don’t think I like anything else though, do I?

  5. Steve

    I’m a fantastic speller. That’s clearly a typo. Dammit.

    As to whether you’re too mainstream to be a dork, I say fie. It doesn’t stop being SF just ’cause it makes a gazillion dollars. I name thee Paste-Eater.

  6. Nicole


    And E and I are 4 letters away from each other. That’s bad spelling. If you will notice, I only like SF that is made into movies. That has to give me some cool points? Validate me! Validate me!

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