Quote of the Day II

Anil Dash, to whom I linked downblog, ruminates upon history:

A side note: The most amazing thing about the Ice Cube-as-sitcom-dad evolution we’ve discussed above is not that the Crazy Motherfucker Named Ice Cube is now Disney-ready, but rather that Snoop can get away with wearing these pimped-out 80s-style clothes! Indeed, Eazy E had called our Dre for exactly that kind of outfit, if I remember correctly. There was a mocking photo of Dre in a baby blue outfit, released sometime around that 5150 album where Eazy E had the Black Eyed Peas (!) join him in making a dystopian Christmas song about how horrible life is. Now Eazy’s dead, Snoop’s appropriating the look that used to be worth mocking, the Black Eyes Peas are making overwrought musical presidential endorsements, and Cube is Ward Cleaver. And Dre is still making beats. Who’da thunk?

I hazily recall that I myself recently held forth to my special lady friend on the subject of The Fate of Ice Cube, in the bar toward the end of the night. I think she finds it amusing when I get to the point of delivering soliloquies on the state of hip-hop/the blogosphere/my newfound love of Warhammer 40K novels. And by “think,” I mean “hope.”

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day II

  1. pedro

    Hey man. You’re preaching to the choir. I fielded my Dark Angels this weekend against an Inquisition investigation and emerged untainted by Chaos (which meant I killed all the inquisitors on the field of battle). I should link you to some pictures.

    I was just saying…are the books good? I don’t go in for the fluff stuff as it is usually terribly written…rather spend my limited reading time with Gibson and Vinge, you know?

    But if the stuff is at least readable like David Drake or Stephen Wright, I should give it a chance. Might inspire me more in the hobby.

  2. Steve

    I can tell you that I enjoyed the hell out of the three Horus Heresy books I’ve read, and thought the one by Dan Abnett, in particular, was very good. I haven’t read very much military SF – basically just the first two Old Man’s War books by John Scalzi – so I don’t have much to compare it to.

  3. pedro

    You should check out the Hammer’s Slammers series by David Drake. Good brain-rotting military SF. The “General” series is also good…I think SM Sterling wrote that one.

    I’ll check out the Horus Heresy stuff. It’s a cool period in the history of the fluff, so why the hell not…expecially if your discerning tastes enjoyed it.

    But if it’s bad, Steve…so help me god…

    *shakes fist*

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