Both Super and Fat

So I guess it’s Mardi Gras today, as well. Um, show me your tits?

Alternatively, tell me stories of voting today, if you live in one of the primary states (and I know I have peeps in Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois who might be reading this).

If you didn’t vote, and don’t want to go to all the bother of untucking your shirt, then use this space to discuss what you’re getting Barack Obama for Valentine’s Day.


5 thoughts on “Both Super and Fat

  1. Tom

    Hope and Change. Change and Hope. In a heart-shaped box. You know, like he likes.

    We don’t vote till frickin April. And then I’ll just be like an Obama band-wagoner, all my friends will be all, “Oh, I voted for him months ago…” Totally not my fault. Fackin PA.

  2. Steve

    Hey, it could still be wide open then. Shit’s close. At least PA is actually contested in Presidential elections, so you’re used to your vote meaning something. Today was my first time. I’m still glowing a little bit.

  3. pedro

    Your first time voting in a primary?

    It was my first time as well. I’ve been registered independent since I could first vote, but 3 years ago I finally made the big commitment to the democratic party…FOR EXACTLY THIS MOMENT.

    Now I voted for Obama, but I really think Hilary Clinton is my girl. I like her more and more with each pass and honestly, to weather the rampant sexism as well as she has tells me that nothing in the presidency is going to prevent her from getting shit done. I like Obama as well, so I couldn’t complain if he won.

    What’s up with the democratic party’s super delegates? What sort of smoky room bullshit is this? 700 of them? That’s some shady shit. I may have to go back to independent to express my distaste.

  4. Steve

    I honestly can’t remember whether I’ve voted in a primary before. It’s certainly the first time that Massachusetts was early enough (or the race went on long enough) that my vote might have affected the outcome, though.

    And if you want to see the Democratic party do things differently (and I agree, the superdelegate bullshit is totally un-small-d-democratic), the only way to influence it is to stay a Democrat. If you take your ball and go home, you’ve made your point to no one but yourself, and in fact lowered the percentage of people in the party who even want things to be different.

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