Project: Lombard (or, If That Computer’s Good Enough for Toby Ziegler, It’s Good Enough for Me)

So remember that laptop I’m puttering with? It wouldn’t, under OS X.2, sign onto any wireless networks that required authentication. I solved that problem by yanking the password protection off my home network, leaving it free and open to everyone, because the set of “everyone” in this case includes me.

That I might experience the magical world of password-protected wireless networks, I upgraded to 10.3. Still haven’t tried it out with the wifi, but there are exciting new developments. To wit: if I let the Powerbook go to sleep, chances are that when I try to wake it up, it will decide it’s a brick. The little blinking light shuts off, all sound from within ceases, and pressing the power button yields no result. A little googling, and I found out that I can make it willing to boot up again by resetting the PMU. Sadly, this may mean that my L2 cache is b0n3z0red (for instance). I don’t even know what that means, except that apparently the Lombard is prone to such things, and a permanent fix would require a new logic board. That would be expensive.

Here’s a very informative thread. And it’s on a vendor’s board! Talk about freaking customer service. The aftermarket Mac community really seems to be good like that.