I have little to nothing to add

I will blog tonight. And every night for the next week. But I won’t necessarily have anything useful to say. For instance, tonight, I just want you to read things that other people have to say. Start with this post on Feministe about a very good Bob Herbert column that has only one flaw: Herbert doesn’t quite grasp the humanity of women who work in the sex industry.

Further, read a few posts at Ilyka’s: Occasionally Conversations with my Man Are Instructive, and the more recent I Also Don’t Give Lectures on Particle Physics, If You Were Wondering, and Obsolescence and a Wish for the New Year.

See also, perhaps, the Creek Running North threads Props to those who’ve earned them and An ally 101 thread.

Among the blogs you might also spend your time perusing are ones that appear on the right over there: Blackamazon, brownfemipower’s place, and Renegade Evolution (this last blog being, I edit to add, not safe for most workplaces) – and that’s just for instance; do feel free to follow links to other links above.

My point, if I may be so presumptuous as to claim one, is only that when people tell us what their lives are like, I believe it to be both polite and practical to take their word for it.


2 thoughts on “I have little to nothing to add

  1. Tom

    I’d read Renegade Evolution before and was going to call you out on your oversight.

    Though she’s a por.n actress, the hottest thing about her is her encyclopedic knowledge of gladiators and european conquerors. she’d nuzzle on the sofa with you watching ‘barbarians’ on the history channel. waaay hot.

  2. Steve

    Yeah, as you can see by the time stamp, it was all I could do at that point to just collect the links and put ’em up. But I wanted to get it up, ’cause I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I sort of see as my life’s project to understand many ways of thinking, and whether I’m doing a very good job of it. Whether I’m truly letting people speak for themselves, and hoping to gain some understanding by just listening and thinking, or whether I’m playing Privileged Man, who claps his hands and says, “You there, marginalized person, tell us a tale.” I’m still not sure. I know I want to try to be better, though.

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