I don’t mind Jews and blacks so much, but I sure hate women! Where’s MY “Turner Diaries?”

I’m glad you asked!

Even in 1971, I think it was a crime to 'take' a woman.

I like the excerpt they provide:

He must escape or die.

. . . Almost instantly the shrill sound of a whistle broke to his right and a street guard stepped from a doorway, struggling to free her rifle from her garments.

“Male Pig!” she screamed. “Halt!”

Why would the guard be struggling to free her rifle from her garments? Is she not wearing the latest in sensible-yet-smart martial-wear like Ilsa, She-Wolf of NOW, up there on the cover? I don’t see what should be so tough about unslinging a rifle. Oh, wait. She’s a girl – maybe she’s all flustered ’cause it’s <stage whisper>that time of the month</stage whisper>! Bet you wish you had a man to do your storm-trooping now, eh missy?

(via Feministe)