Running OS X on a G3 powerbook

This post will serve as a repository of some links I want to have handy, as I mess around with running OS X on an old-school G3 333 MHz Powerbook (Lombard) lent to me by a friend. It had 64 MB of RAM to begin, but I threw in an extra 256 MB, ’cause honestly, even OS 9 was a struggle with just the original memory, and RAM is cheap. And it has a SCSI port, which doesn’t serve much of a practical purpose anymore. Still, if I wanted to hook up my old Zip drive, I totally could.

Lombard specs on

OS X performance tips on Accelerate Your Macintosh

Lombard, the ‘Middle Child’ PowerBook G3: Good Enough for OS X? on Low End Mac

I’ll probably add to this as I run across more stuff.

01/04/08: Despite what it says on the page for the Buffalo G54 card, you can plug it in and it will just run on a Powerbook G3 running 10.2 just as it will with 10.3 and 10.4 (and, one assumes, 10.5), as long as you’ve updated 10.2 to the latest revision. I’m running Panther Jaguar on my Lombard, with 10.2.8, and as I said, the card just plugged in and worked (I have to put it in before I boot for the system to recognize it so far, though). This is because, I gather from the comment thread for this PERL script hack, somewhere in those OS updates it started using Airport 3.1.

01/09/08: Spoke too soon? The card got onto the internet just fine via an open network (no password) on a Netgear router, but now that I have it at home, I can’t make it sign onto my own wireless network (password required) on a Buffalo router. The roommates can sign onto our network just fine, so it’s not the router. I think. I haven’t the first clue about wireless networks, so this should be fun.

UPDATE, 01/25/08: Y tambien.