I’m okay with not having the day off

Happy (the day after) Treason in Defense of Slavery Day!


One thought on “I’m okay with not having the day off

  1. Eric

    One of the comments posted on the site you link to…

    When I worked in America, my boss was from an old Yankee brahmin family. He told me he’d been to lunch with a Georgia businessman who he thought could be a useful potential client. The Southerner nattered on and on — drink had been taken — about the lost cause, the good old days, the northern aggression, etc. Then he asked my former boss if he’d ever been to Georgia. My boss, who by that point had decided he didn’t really want this guy’s business after all, said “No, but an ancestor of mine marched through it with General Sherman.”

    This cracked me up, and made me realize what it is about being near ny that I miss.

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