I got nothin’

Actually, I have a few things, but I haven’t been able to pull them together into a post yet. In the meantime, watch this nice video, and consider this an open thread in which to discuss how much you love my new Twitter feed, or whatever else moves you.

UPDATE: Okay, here’s a joke Digby likes to tell, to describe Democratic electoral strategy:

Here’s a little story from a book called “The Genius of the Jewish Joke” by Arthur Asa Berger:

Three Jews were going to be executed. They were lined up in front of a firing squad and the sergeant in charge asked each one whether he wanted a blindfold or not.

“Do you want a blindfold?” he asked the first. “Yes,” he said, in a resigned tone.

“Do you want a blindfold?” he asked the second. “Ok,” said the second.

“Do you want a blindfold?” he asked the third. “No,” said the third.

At this point the second leaned over to the third one and said “Take a blindfold. Don’t make trouble.”

UPDATE: Aw, fuck the Twitter feed. It’s redundant to my Facebook “status” field, and I have more fun with that.

2 thoughts on “I got nothin’

  1. pedro

    That video is proof that God loves us and wants us to listen to Daft Punk. Harder Better Faster Stronger, indeed.

  2. Steve

    I can’t stop listening to that song. And of course I’m mesmerized by the Hype Williams-style double-time boogie…


    what’s the gerund form of “boogie?” Boogying? Boogieing? Boogie-ing?

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