Wake a little sleeping part of yourself on a Monday

This was maybe my favorite segment ever on Sesame Street when I were a lad, and now here it is via the magic of YouTube.

While we’re on the subject of compelling Sesame Street music from my youth, see also.


8 thoughts on “Wake a little sleeping part of yourself on a Monday

  1. Nicole

    Well okay I’ve done a bit of research and now I think we both might be a little bit right.


    The videos are awfully similar. Looks like Crayola was selling herself to the highest bidder back in the day.

    However, either way, I distinctly remember the orange crayon clip being from Mister Rogers, but since I was a mere 3 years old, it is possible I may be wrong.

  2. Steve

    Okay, I googled up the Mr. Rogers clip, ’cause the man was a saint and a hero, but never very funky. I found a clip here of a crayon factory, notably sans funk. Could this be the one you’re remembering?

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