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  1. pedro


    From now on, I really think you should add a bit of background to a video….in the same way you provide background for your links to other blogs. Your readers shouldn’t have to trust you or instinctively know what you’re saying when you post a video (or be forced to look up who the hell this guy is)! Especially when it’s a 20 minute video!

    That said, I immensely enjoyed this one…and it so wonderfully appealed to my libertarian sensibilities that I can’t help but smile. The bit about the kids at the end is also something I hadn’t considered before…very insightful.

    I encourage folks to watch it!

  2. Steve

    I opt not to post things many, many more times than I do post them, mostly because I can’t think of anything particularly insightful or useful to say about them. But I wanted to post this, because it’s full of what makes Larry Lessig a force for good. His work is why this site is CC licensed, basically.

  3. pedro

    Honestly….just that bit would be enough! I only watched the video cause I was killing time. Normally I don’t click unexplained videos.

    The part of his lecture that I can’t shake is the idea that our kids (in the royal ‘our’) are living outside of the law because our laws are so restrictive and unadaptive. We have created a strange society where the kids and their artistic creations are illegal.

    It was eye-opening. Not that I didn’t already agree with a lot of what he said…but “think of the children” really is a good way to get folks to buy in who would otherwise not be interested.

  4. Eric

    yeah that last part about living outside the law being part of growing up was really interesting to me too. I’d never thought of it that way. I wonder if that leads to anarchy or apathy. I’m thinking the latter… “I don’t really care about what the govt’s doing because I don’t live by their rules/laws anyway”

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