I never, ever do this.

It is not at all as though this xkcd cartoon could be describing my inner life in any way.

xkcd pwns my imagination


11 thoughts on “I never, ever do this.

  1. Eric

    We’ll ignore how many times I do this in normal life, but I always do this when I first get on a plane. Sometimes I even drape the seatbelt over my lap without buckling it so I can catch the person by surprise.

  2. mewalker

    When it rains, I think of all the ways I could take down a would-be attacker with the point of my umbrella. Glad to know we are like-minded freaks.

  3. Steve

    When the shit finally comes down, it’s gonna be on. And of course I expect we’ll all die with the looks on our faces crumbling from triumph into shocked disappointment.

  4. pedro

    I love that comic. It’s hilarious!

    To my brethren that spend their work hours in from of computers:


    Go there! Request an invite. Seek out cawshis as he is me! Let’s play some wargames at work, yo!

  5. Eric

    After hours of thought I went with ericsiwy. Or at least that’s what it gave me by default and I haven’t changed it.

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