“Captain, Stephen Fry is decloaking off the port bow.”

“The cloak appears to be finely-tailored velvet, and has an inside pocket to hold Mr. Fry’s cell phone.”

For real: Stephen Fry has a blog, and his first entry reveals him to be an Olympic-level gadget geek. He makes my own technolust look like chastity. Maybe I associate him too much with Jeeves, but it was delightfully surprising to see Stephen Fry, of all people, go all thunder-nerd.

What was actually decloaking off the port bow was a microscopic gold ring. In 10 years, though, it’ll be a Warbird, you wait.

Also worth reading is tristero’s post about Intelligent Design creationism at Hullabaloo, with a little paean to Charles Darwin.

And I finally got around to watching the Iron Man trailer today, and it makes me tingly in both my comic-book and military-pr0n areas.