So I was just chatting with my *very* good friend…

It makes me happy when people I know do well for themselves, because it’s important to me that I be able to drop their names in conversation. Melissa Walker has performed admirably in this regard by becoming a published author of young adult fiction. Her first joint, Violet on the Runway, drops today. I urge you to buy multiple copies, because, of course, the more successful she is, the more mileage I get out of saying I know her.

Honestly, though, congratulations to you, Melissa. This is a super-awesome accomplishment.


12 thoughts on “So I was just chatting with my *very* good friend…

  1. pedro

    Well. That’s just awesome. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I’ll pick it up to support a fellow VC alum. Congrats, MW!

    And by default…congrats Steve.

  2. Steve

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about, Pedro! Surely, the buying power of my vast readership can nudge her Amazon ranking up. C’mon, Vast Readership! Pull for Jesus!

  3. Ananth

    I am going to check it out of the library, no soup for you!… Honestly who has time to read during the football season? :)

  4. Steve

    Wait. It’s only available on Amazon?

    No, but authors don’t obsessively refresh the page to monitor every little tick in their Powell’s rankings. Obviously, the important part is that you buy, buy, buy Walker’s book. Only by voraciously consuming in this way can we beat back the creeping socialist menace. Buy it however you’d like, for America.

  5. mw

    I appreciate it all, you guys! An excellent amazon-ranking lift! (Barnes and Noble works too, but Steve does know something about checking those ticks.)

    Big thanks!

  6. Steve

    Book arrived yesterday! I plan to read it on the train in my special “Reading Books for Young Girls on Public Transportation” outfit, i.e. short shorts under a trenchcoat.

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