The Editors is right.

I apologize.

I’ll try to do better.


10 thoughts on “The Editors is right.

  1. Graham

    I don’t want to you call. I just want you to either a) pick up the phone when I call or b) call me back.

    Is that so hard baby? Where is the love?

  2. Tom

    I somehow tricked Steve into answering the phone this weekend and he was then treated to what appears to be a 58min, 40sec phone call featuring the drunken styling of myself, Megan and Marksie. I doubt he’ll be answering his phone in the near future.

    And what did we talk about?

  3. Ananth

    Actually, I am in Graham’s camp. I meant be better about calling back……

    Also don’t forget draft on Wednesday….

  4. Graham

    Great job Steve. He finally answers the phone and you go and blow it. That’s like not having your camera around when Nessie pops up. Or asking Brando about the Island of Dr. Moreau, when you meant to ask him about the Godfather.

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