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I already don’t understand how I ever walked around an unfamiliar city without by iPhone’s google maps function. Also glad nobody’s stolen the phone yet.

Matt Yglesias

Maybe it’s an East Coast/West Coast thing, but you don’t ever read the C-netty Silicon Valley gadget people worrying that their ostentatious wielding of shiny, new, technofetish objects will get their asses robbed, and probably rightly so. When I first got an iPod, there was part of me that knew I’d have had it coming, should someone have noticed those precious white earbuds and come up behind me with a sock full of nickels. Similarly, if there’s anywhere in this country that a person riding a Segway down the street doesn’t immediately get the shit mugged out of them, I don’t want to go there, because its population knows nothing of good citizenship.


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. pedro

    I bought new headphones for my ipod simply because I wanted to reduce the mugging chance! The NYPD actually issues a general warning about wearing your ipods in public! Those headphones were a dead-give-a-way back in the day…they said “hey! I’m a hipster into the latest technobabbles! Steal my ipod and my wallet that I may learn a lesson in being circumspect!”


  2. Eric

    I’m totally with you on the iPod thing, but Steve the image of someone jacking a Segway and trying to speed off cracked me up. I do fully support “testing the gyroscope” in support of good citizenship.

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