I am not stagnant

I know this, because I have come to the realization that I love Sam Adams Octoberfest more than the Winter Lager, when previously Winter Lager had been my favorite beer. Now there are a few, including the Octoberfest, that I’d place above it.* Thus have I reassured myself that I’m still capable of growth as a human being.

*Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat does not appear on this list since, as we have previously discussed, it’s not strictly beer. It is happiness that has been bottled in Wisconsin.


12 thoughts on “I am not stagnant

  1. pedro

    Though I disagree with you on the awesomeness of Sam’s Octoberfest, I won’t argue with you here. Perhaps having the beer bottled at the source makes it taste better or something.

    More likely, our taste for beer is different.

    That said, excellent. Nothing makes me happier than a man discovering a new favorite beer. That’s just…excuse me…. I think there is something in my eye.

  2. Tom

    I’m more and more thinking I need to save Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat for special occasions, as it’s starting to feel sort of vulgar drinking something so good, so often. Like going to a buffet in Ethiopia or such.

  3. Eric

    Where can I get this wonderful Sunset beer? I was in Wisconsin once and found no happiness, bottled or otherwise.

  4. Steve

    The blargh is stagnant. Oh, cursed irony.

    I’m cool. I’ve been busy, and spending a bunch of time away from my house lately.

    If you know what I mean. *waggles eyebrows*

    Strangely, my mind is feeling kind of fertile, lately, so I’ll no doubt come back within a few days to regale you all with stories of how I think America is too litigious a society, but not in the same way the “tort-reform” people do, and how H. P. Lovecraft could have been a conservative blogger, if he was dumber.

  5. Tom

    This is crap. My office firewall now blocks all blogspot addresses and the only blog I can check without using my 60 minutes of personal quota time is your stagnant-ass blog.

    Give me some goddamn content.

  6. Eric

    Oh, the irony of mr. not stagnant taking a full month off.

    Tom, you get an hour of personal internet use a day, or is that time intended for work use? I spend more than an hour a day online while working, but it seems odd they’d sanction that much.

  7. Tom

    oh, i can surf as much as i want but some sites fall into a category where my browsing is limited (alcohol, restaurants, religion, entertainment, and now, ‘social or personal websites’ for the blogspot addresses) to 60 minutes a day.

    i just have to surf within a slightly smaller web.

  8. pedro

    Christ. I don’t know where I’d surf during the day if my time was limited in the alcohol, entertainment and social websites!

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