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  1. pedro

    But then couldn’t you just write all your super secret thoughts in a journal and stop cluttering up the shared space with them?

    Award speeches do nothing but make me yawn. I got about 2 minutes into the video before losing interest. I assume this blogger is someone you reference and are proud to see was awarded or something?

  2. Ananth

    Oh, the blogger is the last great shining knight in the world. As long as they are in the progressive blogosphere.

  3. Steve

    I assume this blogger is someone you reference and are proud to see was awarded or something?

    The progressive blogosphere was being honored; Digby was the one who accepted it on their behalf.

    Digby is one of the best writers about politics and the media working in any medium, no exaggeration. The reason this is a big deal, apart from it being a good speech, is that up until she got on that stage, Digby was simultaneously one of the Olympians of the progressive blogosphere, and utterly pseudonymous publicly, to that point that even her gender wasn’t known (although if you’ve been paying attention for a while, there were hints that she’s a woman). Until now, she’s just been words on a screen, and no less influential for it. That is a big deal in general I think, and the fact that she’s appearing on a stage in public is a huge deal specifically for people who know and enjoy her writing.

  4. Ananth

    Spent all day reading Digby. Not that impressed. I think equating her to being one of the best writers about politics and media is akin to Right Wingers thinking that Rush Limbaugh is one of the great political thinkers and speakers of our time. But I see why you like her.

  5. Ananth

    so it is agreed :) 10 days until transforming goodness! Also did you get my link about Sam Jackson?

  6. Graham

    Must agree with both Tom and Pedro on this. Yawn. I did enjoy watching the smugness of the audience as they patted themselves on the back. I’m sure this is a big deal, but it’s boring and I agree with Tom. This chick has a ton of cats. And probably hasn’t had a date since 1974.

  7. Steve

    Remember, all you ladies reading the blog: if I’m not attracted to you, you’re not worth taking seriously.

  8. Ananth

    Actually, you got the point backwards. If they aren’t attracted to you, then your blog isn’t worth taking seriously….

  9. Steve

    It’s just a normal comment thread. I post something, then it goes

    Tom: Dismissive misogynist comment.
    Steve: Dismay.
    Pedro: Sarcasm, statement that he’s too cool to be doing what he’s doing right now. Statement in the form of a question.
    Ananth: Tribal Republicanism.
    Steve: Explanation for Pedro.
    Ananth: I’m-too-cool. Standard “But I’m not one of those *stupid* conservatives” Tribal Republicanism. Assumption of bad faith.
    Steve: Right back at you.
    Ananth: Everything’s equivalent. Return to childhood?
    Graham: Also too cool. Agree with misogyny.
    Steve: Goddamned misogynists stinking up my comment thread.
    Ananth: Joke of some sort.
    Nicole: Confusion.

    See? Pretty standard for around here.

  10. Ananth

    I decry your deriding of my joke making abilities. I have it on good authority (my mother) that I am funny. What you need to do, instead of lambasting your loyal readers, is get a nice make over, and put a sexy time picture of you up on this blog, so that people will take you seriously….

  11. Eric

    I agree w/ Ananth (but only about the sexy time pic). Based on your comments I’m not sure of your gender and consequently I’m not sure whether I can take you seriously.

    Oh, and while Dilbert’s probably super smart, she’s definitely got a ton of cats.

  12. Steve

    And why do cat ladies get so maligned?

    Because a woman’s worth depends on her potential sexual availability, of course.

  13. Tom

    Goddamn it Steve. We’re frickin complimenting you and saying that you write just as well as the cat piss lady and you should stop slobbing on her knob.

    Though, of course, you’ll end up thinking that we’re idiots for not noticing the genius of the cat piss lady, instead of taking it as a compliment.

    And if someone on the bus starts talking to you about politics, making very cogent points and with fresh insight, it will be all for naught to me (and to you, I supsect) if she smells like cat piss. That does not make me a misogynist. I suspect you’re not clear on the definition of ‘misogynist’. There’s a difference between hating women, and not taking people seriously who seem like they could potentially be socially retarded.

    And you misspelled stagnant. Cock.

  14. Steve

    Oh, spare me. She looks like what she is: a middle-aged woman. And since she’s a woman, commenting on her appearance is as far as you have to go to dismiss her. That, my friend, is misogyny. Your tacked-on “No, I’m not bigoted just against women, I’m bigoted against everyone who doesn’t look or act like me,” is just small-minded. Especially given the well-delivered speech, which pretty much makes claims of Digby’s probable social retardation frigging absurd.

    And you misspelled stagnant. Cock.

    Poof! Down the memory hole.

  15. Graham

    I have to second clamdouche. And perhaps throw in a cock punch. You might need an intervention Steve. Where your “real” friends shake your loose of the grip from your “web” friends.

    And slice it anyway you want, Tom’s post was really funny.

  16. Ananth

    Also, I take umbrage that just because some one has a lot of cats means you don’t find them attractive. Catwoman has a lot of cats, and everyone would do her.

    I hope you have gotten laid enough from you allegiance to the lady power movement. Otherwise it doesnt’ seem worth it to have handed in your manhood, though i guess it makes you immune to the cock punch from graham :)

  17. Eric

    The cat woman comment was funny. It was also dismissive. What I’m unsure of is why it’s assumed a dismissive comment towards a woman must be dismissive solely because she’s a woman.

    I stopped watching after 90 seconds because w/o an intro I expect explosions or comedy not an award speech for god knows what. With no background info, this meant nothing to me.

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