Friday Random Ten, I Can’t Hide From My Mind edition

1. “5-Piece Chicken Dinner,” Beastie Boys
2. “Party Out Of Bounds,” The B-52’s
3. “Love Me Or Leave Me,” Nina Simone
4. “Fuck Her Gently,” Tenacious D
4.5. “EP Flash: Nightshift in the Automart,” Escape Pod
5. “Bernies Tune,” Curley Hamner
6. “Twenty-Six Temptations,” DeVotchKa
7. “Build A Fire,” The KLF
8. “NYC,” Interpol
9. “Good-Bye,” Land Of The Loops
10. “Little Girl Blue,” Nina Simone

I’ve decided to apply the Fingertips Rule to podcasts, since I have to list them when they come up, or I’m cheating, but they’re not music, so I don’t know that they technically count for the FRT.  So they go in, but interstitially.

Initiate randomized music-playing program activities, and post a comment with the first ten songs that come up in the shuffle.  No cheating.


9 thoughts on “Friday Random Ten, I Can’t Hide From My Mind edition

  1. pedro

    Everything in its Right Place – Radiohead
    Let’s Make a Record – King Britt
    Knot Comes Loose – My Morning Jacket
    Shadows- Rufus Wainwright
    Beautiful John – Madder Rose
    Helicopter – M. Ward
    Blooms – Marmoset
    The Last Time – Julie Doiron And the Wooden St
    Oh Me (Live) – Nirvana
    Lights On – Secret Machines

    I find that everytime M.Ward comes on, I’m digging it. And King Britt is awesome, but honestly, I think that’s the one I have by them (him? her?).

    Also. Nina Simone popping twice for you? Brutal! How many songs you have on there anyway? My nano probably can’t come anywhere near your musical-girth.

  2. Tom

    1.Old Dan Tucker – Bruce Springsteen
    2.King of the Road – um, it’s a shuffle, the original guy…
    3.Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
    4.Africa – Toto
    5.Pass the Mic – Beastie Boys
    6.Head On – Jesus and Mary Chain
    7.You Are the Generation that Bought More Shoes – Johnny Boy
    8.I’ll Never Let You Go – Steelheart
    9.It’s Tricky – Run DMC
    10.Corduroy – Pearl Jam

  3. Steve

    Isn’t “King of the Road” the Statler Brothers?

    And do you realize how much cooler I’ve made you by giving you that Johnny Boy song? You’re welcome.

  4. Steve

    In addition:

    Entirely unrelated, but I just wanted to say that I would totally play this game everyday. I’ll even GM it.

    That’s awesome, and I have 2618 songs in the iTunes library right now. I guess it was feeling especially sophisticated yesterday, to have Nina Simone come around twice.

  5. Nicole

    1. too lost in you-Sugababes
    2. My Baby-Lil’ Romeo
    3. We Right Here-DMX
    4. Baby Driver-Simon & Garfunkel
    5. Elsewhere-Sarah McLachlan
    6. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face-Coldplay
    7. Let Me Love You-Tim McGraw
    8. You’re Beautiful -James Blunt
    9. hidden track1-Outkast
    10. Every Breath You Take-The police

    Aren’t the Statler Bros. the ones from the Muppet Show? The two guys that heckle?

  6. pedro

    So you hit shuffle on the itune library or on your actual ipod? I hit shuffle on the ipod….so the selection is always far more limited.

    You still rockin’ on the Happy Deaff Star?

  7. Eric

    Ok, so I missed Friday drinking heavily celebrating the end of the semester, but the Sunday Night Random Top 10 are almost as good.

    1- Nehalem : Everclear
    2- Dilltastic Vol Won(derful) : The Roots
    3- Clocks : Coldplay
    4- My 1st Song : Jay-Z & Danger Mouse
    5- Fucking You Tonight : Notorious BIG (ft. R. Kelly)
    6- Bye Bye Blackbird : John Coltrane/Miles Davis (almost as impressive a pairing as #5)
    7- Killing in the Name : Rage Against the Machine
    8- Strangers : Portishead
    9- Jamming : Bob Marley & the Wailers
    10- Don’t Speak : No Doubt

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