Friday Military Pr0n

The post on English Russia says this jet has “thrust vectoring” technology, which I can only assume means that in addition to your normal aerodynamic wings and foils and what-have-you, it has some sort of spaceship-like steering jets. Planes shouldn’t do what this pilot is making this plane do.

I mean, holy shit.

(via Ellis again)

7 thoughts on “Friday Military Pr0n

  1. Ananth

    Thrust Vectoring is exactly what it sounds like. It allows the jet engines to move the the direction of the output to allow cool maneauving. In the old days, the engines were locked into one position and you used flaps and what tnot to steer. Now they have more ways. The F22 Raptor has this as does the JSF.

  2. Ananth

    Not really. The space shuttle doesn’t move it’s primary engine. In fact, once it’s in orbit it doesn’t have any fuel in the engine. What it does have are maneuviring thrusters to help it navigate in space, which I believe shoot air out in bursts to repostistion the ship. But I don’t think the thrusters move around, there just a lot of them all over the shuttle.

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