Hee hee hee!

Why is this so much fun?

It even gets easier as the roll gets smaller!

(via The Sideshow)


8 thoughts on “Hee hee hee!

  1. pedro

    I lost my shit the first time poor little mario spent like 15 seconds lining up that perfect jump and then BOOM right into the invisible block.

    The placement of invisible blocks was pure evil. PURE. EVIL.

    Yet. I laughed the whole time.

  2. Nicole

    I’m not sure fun is the word for which I search. And I agree with Eric. My mind is having trouble wrapping around the fact that there might be an Anti-Nicole out in space. Or that there could be a whole civilization of organisms who could be so far advanced that we’d seem like cavemen (but not the ones on TV). It is having no problems with 23?? minutes of someone playing a bad game of Mario Bros.

  3. pedro

    Calm down people. The planet is supposedly 5 times the mass of Earth and a bit smaller. Which means the population of that Earth-Like planet is made up of pancake people.

    And I have pancakes for breakfast.

  4. Tom

    No no no, their skeletons would’ve evolved to withstand their planet’s gravity and hence, when they come the Earth to live among us, they’ll try out for the NBA with their mad ups.

    Also, since they’ll be so light here on Earth, we’ll be able to kick their asses if they get all ‘V’ on us and shit.

    Of course, if we go to their planet our organs will probably erupt.

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