Code of Conduct

The best way to combat entitlement and hatred is obviously to ask everyone to promise not to express it anymore. Or if you do express it, you should put a badge on your blog that says “Watch out! I’m a loose cannon!” Or something. In the spirit of transparency and civility, then, allow me to post the code of conduct and bylaws for Per Aspera:

This blog will be run according to my capricious whim, with no recourse or appeal available to you, the reader, though bribery is certainly encouraged.

There. Onward to the Singularity!

UPDATE: Warren Ellis, knowing full well that getting everyone to blog all civilly with their pinkies out is a massively noble undertaking, seems to have appointed some sort of deputy. Glorious.

That last link, as if you needed me to tell you, is not safe for work.


7 thoughts on “Code of Conduct

  1. Eric

    how often does this “delicious” shite update? For something that’s supposed to be drawing me to your site it’s failing.

  2. Eric

    I wasn’t quick enough, the video was removed by user. And your NSFW comments don’t apply to me, as I sit in my room in my boxers and “work” for a company 5,000 miles away. Gotta love technology.

    Let the record show your side-bar still has not updated for me

  3. Steve

    What’s the last entry you see? If it’s the Obsidian Wings one, then it’s not the sidebar’s fault, it’s just that I’m the worst blogger ever.

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