It does go well with the chicken.

Though I can’t always, or even often, get it up to post an epic, three-line post, I am reading the entire Internets, every day. I’ve signed up for a account and put the feed over in the sidebar so that even when I’m not posting, I can at least make feeble stabs at obeying this blog’s purpose, which is to be your web-equivalent of Neil from the Young Ones running downstairs yelling, “Guys! Guys!”

So I’ll make this an open thread. Discuss the linked articles, meta-discuss the feed, meta-meta discuss the shape of social relationships in a web 2.0 world, adhering if you wish to the Young Ones thematic structure, with an eye toward figuring out which of us is Rik.


7 thoughts on “It does go well with the chicken.

  1. Tom

    Wait a minute, because you’re too lazy to blog, we’re supposed to read other people’s blogs, and comment on those blogs on your blog?!?!


    I demand content, content! Pontificate!

  2. Steve

    Dude, all I do is read other people’s blogs and comment about it. Open threads are a proud and ancient blogular tradition. So you monkeys talk amongst yourselves.

  3. Eric

    Steve just outsourced his blogging.

    Well, I’ll get this party started. 300 wasn’t great and Pan’s Labrynth was mega-dope. Discuss.

  4. Ananth

    I disagree. 300 was dope, for what it was, a historically inaccurate action flick. I was kind of disappointed with Children of Man. It left me feeling like there should have been more.

    On the bright side, less than a month until Spiderman 3 and Venomy goodness.

  5. Tom

    Gentlemen, are we forgetting that Hot Fuzz is but a few days away?

    300 was very good. I went into it knowing that my expectations were a smidge higher than they should be, but I was all-in-all pleased with the film. It was said that if you wanted blood and thunder, this was the film for you – and I did – and it was.

    Also, let me add that Zodiac was probably the best film I’ve seen in a very long time. I recommend it strongly.

    Blades of Glory is also precisely what you hope it will be – and very good as well.

  6. Nicole

    300 = boring central. I had much higher hopes, which frankly, were kind of low anyway. The dialogue left a lot to be desired. Although, “WE ARE SPARTA!” is a useful quote when trying to rally the troops for a night of drinking or something. I’m going to put my vote in for Reign Over Me as best movie in recent memory.

  7. pedro

    300 should have been a silent film.

    Children of Men was excellent and brilliantly filmed.

    Pan’s Labyrinth was the hot shit and if you missed it the first time, go see it.

    Next up: GrindHouse.

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