Radio Silence

Usually, when the blog lies fallow, it’s because I’m paralyzed with laziness. This week, though, I can totally blame being sick and working many hours covering for another employee who’s on vacation.

So use this post to discuss amongst yourselves: Oral Roberts University in the NCAA tournament – how nuts is that?

UPDATE: Another topic for discussion: This past weekend I tasted Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat, and immediately called my therapist to cancel all future appointments. Later in the day, I went to the restroom and pissed a rainbow with the aroma of a spring day in a meadow next to a lollipop factory. What do you think are the implications for the role of religion in a world where they bottle happiness in Wisconsin?

6 thoughts on “Radio Silence

  1. pedro

    I don’t watch college b-ball, nor do I care about it. But the thought of Oral Bob U playing with Balls cracks me up.

    As for pissing rainbows…congrats. Far better than vinegar, I’d guess.

  2. Steve

    Burns less, that’s for damn sure.

    I don’t care about college basketball either – or didn’t until this year, when I entered the pool at work. Nothing makes you interested in the outcomes of games like gambling on them.

  3. Steve

    True, true. But to even see ORU in that bracket is some crazy shit, is what I’m saying. As far as boutique Jesus-is-the-only-learnin’-I-need colleges go, ORU is their Harvard, in the sense that it was the first and so it’s had more time to accumulate legitimacy. But still. I never thought I’d see ’em in the NCAA tournament.

    Further, as I am a CT native, let us discuss the fact that UConn is nowhere to be found this year, but friggin’ Central Connecticut State University did in fact make it. They made it exactly as far as Oral Roberts, but again, that makes ’em better than UConn for the ’07.

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