Messy, at best

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10 thoughts on “Messy, at best

  1. Eric

    ok seriously, I’m done with the mainstream news. Why is Anna Nicole’s death this enormous story. Dumb, ugly people die young every day. I understand that writing another 50 people got killed in Iraq gets old after a few years, but it’s like she’s effing Lady Di and Julia Roberts or something. At least the fascination with Paris and Fire Crotch make some sense, but who wanted to be Anna Nicole Smith? The worst part is that all the news organizations just try to beat each other and not report the news so this kind of thing spirals out of control regardless of the fact that no one freakin cares. Rant over.

  2. Eric

    Way to be on the ball, Steve. Oh, and it’s because the carpet matches the drapes (not that anyone thought she was dying her hair, just wanted to clarify it was unrelated to any burning sensation she may have, y’know, down there).

  3. pedro

    I feel stupider for having read just that summary, Steve….so you’ll forgive me if I refrain from clicking the link.

    But thanks for clearing that up.

  4. Steve

    Besides, for all that I yell and throw things at Ananth in the political threads, I like to think I run an ecumenical comments section here. Anti-intellectualism makes me sad, but celebrity gossip per se can be fun, if only as a means to make us all feel better about ourselves by comparison.

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