On this, the butchest of days on the American calendar…

Quail before the iron gaze of American Football

Gentlemen, football is war.  Yay!

I’m rooting for the Bears today.  First, because I like the Bears.  Second, because it is not proper to root for the Colts from here in Patriots Country.  What if Tom Brady happened to walk by an open window, and hear people cheering for the Colts, and become sad?  That just wouldn’t be right.

I’m conflicted about Adam Vinatieri, though.  Do I like him because he used to be a Patriot, or do I wish him ill because he is now one of the hated Colts?  I’m leaning toward wishing him ill.  Super Bowl Sunday is no time for generosity.


4 thoughts on “On this, the butchest of days on the American calendar…

  1. pedro

    I cared so little about the Superbowl that I watched the new episode of the Simpsons on Fox and then vegged out on the Premiere BSG 4hour mini-series.

    Fucking Toasters won again…but someday we’ll get ’em.

    I am now watching the ads (the only reason why I watched the supwer bowl for the last 5 years anyway) on youtube. The future is finally here.

  2. Steve

    The ads were just as boring as the Super Bowl. There was that kaiju GPS one, which I liked, and the Letterman/Oprah one, and I think one or two others, but otherwise, poor effort all around.

  3. pedro

    I’m in agreement. With the death of the dotcom era, the superbowl ads now suck. Suck hard. It’s fine though. I hated the idea that I felt compelled to watch something solely for the ads…so now I am finally free of the 6 hour-waste-of-time that is the Superbowl.

    Life seems better. Not brighter though. Just better.

  4. Ananth

    the problem with the superbowl ad this year was a lack of a kick ass moving showing new scenes(ALA Batman Begins 2 years ago)… How sweet would a Spider 3 commercial have been showing Venom or of Optimus Prime transforming and kicking names and taking ass have been?

    Though the Budwieser Rock Paper Scissors ad was funny.

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