You are what you give

Chris Clarke’s dog Zeke is at the end of his life. Chris has quit his job to be with his friend for the last few days. Chris could use your good wishes, if you have them.

It’s not quite the same, but I’ve lived for the past five years with a cat named Dayna, whom I love quite a lot. She’ll probably be leaving, along with my roomate, whom I like okay too, this fall. I’ll miss ’em both, but it’s Dayna who doesn’t consider it a complete day if she doesn’t get a chance to sit on my lap and purr. Dayna has visited me when I’ve spent the evening crying about whatever, as depressives will, and plopped herself on my chest and butted her head against my face. She is cutest kitty and I’ll miss her.

If you pray, do so for Chris and Zeke. If you don’t, just hold them in your thoughts.

UPDATE: Zeke died Saturday the Third. He was pretty obviously a very good boy.


4 thoughts on “You are what you give

  1. Ananth

    Stop depressing me.

    If it helps you can have my sister’s beagle, Cooper. He is affectionate and a pain in the ass and he harasses poor Cisco too much.

  2. Steve

    Thanks, player. I don’t mean to depress you – Chris Clarke wouldn’t be so devastated if he didn’t love Zeke so much. I wouldn’t miss Dayna if I didn’t love her, too.

    I guess I’ll also miss my roommate or whatever. :)

    Anyway, there are worse things in life than to have had the cutest kitty in the whole wide world live with you for five years, which is, I think, the important part.

  3. Steve

    We here on the mainland miss you, cats as well as people, I’m sure.

    Monkey is a great cat. You remember when you brought him home for Christmas, when he was a kitten? I slept horribly that night, because he was on and off everyone’s beds all night, and I was terrified I was going to roll over and smoosh him.

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