Friday Random Ten, “If I’m sporadic, it’s because I’m a fun guy” edition

1. “John Saw That Number,” Neko Case
2. “All I Want,” Toad the Wet Sprocket
3. “The Rape Over,” Mos Def
4. “Uniforms,” Ken Stringfellow
5. “Thunderbird,” They Might Be Giants
6. “Hey Ladies,” Beastie Boys
7. “52 Girls,” The B-52’s
8. “Today,” Smashing Pumpkins
9. “As,” Stevie Wonder
10. “Exhuming McCarthy,” R.E.M.

Fire up you mp3 player, hit “random,” and then hands off for ten songs.  Post the results in comments, and offer opinions about how, in the space of three weeks, the temperature in Boston has gone from temperate to Jack London cold.