Friday Random Ten, “If I’m sporadic, it’s because I’m a fun guy” edition

1. “John Saw That Number,” Neko Case
2. “All I Want,” Toad the Wet Sprocket
3. “The Rape Over,” Mos Def
4. “Uniforms,” Ken Stringfellow
5. “Thunderbird,” They Might Be Giants
6. “Hey Ladies,” Beastie Boys
7. “52 Girls,” The B-52’s
8. “Today,” Smashing Pumpkins
9. “As,” Stevie Wonder
10. “Exhuming McCarthy,” R.E.M.

Fire up you mp3 player, hit “random,” and then hands off for ten songs.  Post the results in comments, and offer opinions about how, in the space of three weeks, the temperature in Boston has gone from temperate to Jack London cold.


15 thoughts on “Friday Random Ten, “If I’m sporadic, it’s because I’m a fun guy” edition

  1. Tom

    Call and Answer – Barenaked Ladies
    A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan (live, 1964)
    All I want is you – U2
    Hey Merlin – Too Much Joy
    Merry Eiffel Tower High – Husker Du
    A Girl Like You – Troggs
    Hearts and Stars – Wonderlick
    American Girls – Counting Crows
    Don’t Take Your Guns to Town – Johnny Cash
    If I Were an Angel – Nina Storey

    On the way to work my ballsack froze to the side of my leg. That hurts.

  2. Steve

    Funny you should mention that, because when I stepped outside to get coffee this morning, I sprained my cremaster muscle.

  3. Steve

    Hey! Just like Christians can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven without being washed in the Blood of the Lamb, Per aspera commenters can’t make dick jokes without posting their own random ten! Hop to it!

  4. Ananth

    Sorry My Blog lord…..

    If I Ruled The World Nas
    Crazy In Love Beyonce
    It Takes Two Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
    It’s Five O’clock Somewhere Alan Jackson And Jimmy Buffett
    I Won’t Back Down Johnny Cash
    Suga Suga Baby Bash
    Something’s Missing John Mayer
    Bullet With Butterfly Wings The Smashing Pumpkins
    What Would You Do City High
    Light Another Cypress Hill

  5. Eric

    None of the legs of my tripod are in any danger of freezing to any other. Though it should be noted that the medical bills from when I was back east are one of the main reasons I moved out here. Requisite cock and balls joke: check. Bonus Hawaii reference to make people jealous: check.

    1) Release – Pearl Jam
    2) Chicago – Hieroglyhpics
    3) She Runs Away – Duncan Shiek
    4) Turn Me On – Norah Jones
    5) Broken Box – Queens of the Stone Age
    6) Regulate – Nate Dogg & Warren G
    7) The Sun Woke the Whole State – Motion City Soundtrack
    8) Once – Pearl Jam
    9) Precious Things – Tori Amos
    10) El Scorcho – Weezer (this is my iTunes favorite song. It comes on about every 25 songs or so. Seriously.)
    Random Top 10: check

    And Steve, using a Christian simile about not going to heaven to your Hindu friend about why he can’t post. You might as well have asked him to prove he wasn’t a terrorist (though frankly I think Ananth’s possession of Jackson and Buffet would be enough to clear him in most courts).
    Sarcastic comment avoiding substantive debate: check, and that’s a day.

  6. Steve

    Substantive debate in the FRT thread? I’ll have none of it. Neither of the two of us believe in the Christian god, but we both understand the analogy — remission : blood :: dick jokes : random ten.

  7. Nicole

    Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing-Chris Isaak
    Hung Up-Madonna
    Bought And Sold-Dar Williams
    Scarlet’s Walk-Tori Amos
    What A Good Boy-Barenaked Ladies
    Bobby Peru-Luna
    In The Waiting Line-Zero 7
    I’m Not Ready-Jackopierce
    Low Rider-War
    Sail Away-David Gray

    When you say cold, does that mean you didn’t go to the beach today? I went to the beach today.

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