Apropos of nothing

Except perhaps this recent post by Per Aspera favorite belledame222

I feel like the universe has been poking me in the left shoulder at points over the last few weeks, saying, “REMEMBER.”

So maybe this week I’ll manage, I hope, to have a post up, riffing off of belledame’s, about getting the goose out of the bottle.


6 thoughts on “Apropos of nothing

  1. Eric

    I read most of belledame’s post and it was quite interesting, but I think you need to dumb it down for your loyal readers. Maybe not Pedro, because emo makes him smart, but I need some more video game and comic book references. I haven’t slept in a while.

  2. pedro

    Ha! “I said ‘maybe'” is like the best excuse ever for slackers and lazy blogposters. Well done!

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