Spit take line of the day

From HotSoup.com, which makes HuffPo look like the Weather Underground:

Where else on the Internet do people of opposing views mix things up?


Yeah, you guys are going to do great.

14 thoughts on “Spit take line of the day

  1. Ananth

    I am not sure what you are saying here. Is hot soup worse than HuffPo because its even more like minded people on the site and do you not like it because its MORE liberal than HuffPo or because it’s conservative? I can’t tell the site makes no sense.

  2. Steve

    As for the comparison in the opening line, when the Huffington Post first started, the Nielsen Haydens put it in their blogroll under the title, “Thank God, The Celebrities Are Here To Save Us.” Its selling point was all its big names, but most of the best articles, at least of what I saw, were not from actors or journalists, but from the experts and existing bloggers they also put on their roster.

    HotSoup.com is another one of those sites that assumes that there’s a gaping hole in Internet discussion that must be filled by the wise views of people who have jobs that pay a lot of money. And they think they will give us the one, true web venue that everyone will go to. The whole point of the Internet is that it isn’t centralized, and it provides forums for all sorts of damn people all over the place to talk to all sorts of other damn people. Purposefully trying to be bigger in the opinion-sharing game than Kos or Instapundit or Boing-Boing, or all of them put together, is just phenomenally missing the point.

    This cluelessness is illustrated by the line itself, which was what I was really focusing on here: I mean, people have been having knock-down, scorched-earth arguments on the Intertubes since the first lab tech with ARPANET access accused another one over email of being stupid and evil for liking a different programming language. To be able to say something like “Where else on the Internet do people of opposing views mix things up?” basically means you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  3. Tom

    Ananth’s point is that no one got your nerdolicious reference. Nerd. Fucking nerd-o. Don’t get all Dennis Miller up in our shit.

    I even clicked the hotsoup link and still didn’t get it. you’re the ayatollah of nerdistan.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I must set up my tivo for the thanksgiving marathon of “I shouldn’t be alive” on discovery. Carry flares. Everywhere. That’s the lesson.

  4. Ananth

    First of all you are wrong. The whole point of the internet is deliver every concievable type of sick porn to your home the instant you desire it. I mean who has time to travel to Mexico when the mood to see a Donkey show strikes them?

    Second of all I agree with Tom.

    Happy Turkey Day fool.

  5. Eric

    I too clicked the link and didn’t understand. And I don’t know why you’re gettin all holier than thou, most of the internet is just people of like mind patting each other on the back and occassionally screeching at the trolls who disagree (in the blogosphere at least).

  6. pedro


    I got it. I didn’t even have to click the link. Clearly, you should put a filter on this website to keep out the idiots. They’re only dragging you down.

  7. Steve

    Seriously. I mean, what kind of esoteric knowledge was I really kicking up there? What do you need to know except that flamewars are as old as the Internet, and maybe what Huffington Post is, and what the Weather Underground was?

    I’m surrounded by savages, I tell you.

  8. Ananth

    I don’t know what Weather Underground was. Sue me. If you simply said flamewars were as old as the internet and the guy at hot soup was lame then I would have understood you…. You were being too clever by half.

  9. pedro

    Now I’m the one doing a spit take. That’s some funny posting.

    I mean. Do you guys even read this blog? Steve is all about “too clever.” I’d argue that all he has is his cleverness!

  10. Steve


    The day I give up making oblique references for my own amusement is the day I hang up my six-shooters.

    And speaking of my own amusement, in the form of my miles-wide contrarian streak in this case, the six-shooters thing was a reference to precisely nothing.

    AND and, I spent about ten minutes just now trying to figure out how to make the above into “form of… an ice contrarian streak,” for the Wonder Twins reference, but couldn’t make it fit into the sentence construction.

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