For realz?

For realz!  I was beginning to despair that she would never come to her senses, but she has.  As Nicole brought up in comments, Britney cold filed for divorce.  Finally.  And K-Fed got the news by text message!  ON TAPE!  It’s like the godz were like, “Steve, be cool.  Have a slice of schadenfreude pie and chill for a minute.”  And I was like, “Thanks, godz.  That’s some tasty-ass pie.”

7 thoughts on “For realz?

  1. pedro

    I will never understand your obsession with celebrity. I will stand over here quietly disapproving.

    And coveting a piece of that pie.

  2. Steve

    I’ll put it in terms you can understand: it’s like a local Duke’s worthless son, Keverline Gnoll-Friend, had paid a village wizard to put an enchantment on the pretty-but-dim princess, and then she broke it and smote him with a Sword of Cellular Justice +3/ +5 vs. no-talent narcissists. See? It’s compelling!

    And pie.

  3. pedro

    If it was the first time it ever happened, I can see the interest. But since the Local Wizard seems to cast enchantments of Stupidity on everyone and their mother, it’s no longer compelling.

  4. Steve

    Novelty? You want novelty in human relationships? D00d, you’re kinda setting yourself up for disappointment with that.

  5. Nicole

    Hahaha dumbing down Steve’s blog with celebrity gossip! I’m feeling so vindicated. Politics shmolotics. Everyone knows Hollywood is far more powerful than Nancy Pelosi. Are we sure, though, that the video actually shows the break-up via text??

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