A nude erection for America

I’m pretty sure they’ll revoke my blogging license if I don’t do an election summary. To begin: so much for the genius of Karl Rove.

Anyway, the situation is encouraging. As of right now, AP’s calling the VA senate race for Webb.

Both houses, by fuck. Both.

Democrats have won 29 seats in the house, which means Nancy Pelosi will be the first woman to be Speaker of the House in American history.

Santorum’s out. So are DeWine, Burns, Macacawitz, and Chaffee, that poor dumb bastard.

Arlen, watch your ass.

The people of Vermont elected a motherfucking socialist to the Senate, god bless ’em.

Donald Rumsfeld is finally, finally gone as Secretary of Defense. I recall reading that he’s tried to resign a few times before this; now Bush has finally accepted.

There are now 28 Democratic governors, for a pickup of seven, including Deval Patrick, the first black governor in Massachusetts history.

The people of South Dakota voted down the draconian abortion ban, the people of Missouri voted in favor of stem cell research, and the people of Arizona voted against a ban on marriage for gay people. Oregon and California voted down parental-notification laws.*

Phill Kline will sniff no more panties in Kansas.

And you know what we get at for all this? Not a victory; more like the establishment of a beachhead. Which is okay by me. A journey of a thousand miles, as the man said, starts with one step. As first steps go, we could do worse than sweeping electoral victory.

As another wise man just said: You people have one more chance. Don’t screw it up this time.