Frak me

Okay, so Battlestar Galactica.  Pretty much the greatest show ever put on television, huh?  I’m halfway through season two so far.  Sweet Jesus.


9 thoughts on “Frak me

  1. pedro

    I only saw like the pilot and the first two episodes. Seemed good, but I don’t know about best. Perhaps I’ll give it another try.

  2. Steve

    I told you this like 2 years ago!

    D00d, I know. I just hadn’t gotten around to obtaining it by totally legal and ethical means completely unrelated to bittorrent yet.

    Now I have. I am sold. I want to have ten thousand of Battlestar Galactica’s babies.

  3. Eric

    Word. This and The Wire are the two shows that people tell me I need to see, but I haven’t gotten around to.

    Having watched Heroes every week I’ve remembered how much I miss Sci-fi.

    “I had a sword?”

  4. Steve

    I have The Wire Netflixed, but it tells me that when it comes around on the queue, there’ll be a delay for the first DVD. Meanwhile, Lawrence of Arabia is winging its way to me e’en now.

  5. Tom

    Likewise on the Wire. I’ll probably do a season at a time while Megan works.

    Spartacus just tivo’d, so I’ve got that going for me.

    Oh, and when I went to see the Departed (which was fan-fucking-tastic) I saw a preview for this and ejaculated all over the row in front of me:

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