You told me you were combing your hair!

Fred Clark:

Saw an ad on TV for Panasonic bathroom exhaust fans. Odd.

While I don’t question the quality of their craftsmanship, I’m not sure that Panasonic understands the function of their product. They’re touting their bathroom exhaust fans as the quietest money can buy, naming them things like “WhisperFit” and “Whisper Lite.”

That’s really not what I’m looking for from a bathroom fan. I don’t want the “Whisper Lite” exhaust fan, I want the “Rolling Thunder” or the “Runaway Freight Train” or the “Leaf-blower At Close Range” model.

For serious.  One shrinks from the prospect of facing, on exiting the can, startled looks and speculation as to the Infernal source of the smell that followed one out, since surely that noise coming from behind the door just now could only have been made by the collapse of the very wall between the realms of Earth and Hell.  Such scrutiny in private matters upsets the humors.

A dedication to the smooth function of all processes physical, mental, and spiritual would thus indicate, contra Panasonic, that bathroom fans should ideally sound more or less like the deck of an aircraft carrier.


4 thoughts on “You told me you were combing your hair!

  1. pedro

    Ack! Surely you remember to bring in the canary? Only way to know its safe for the match! I just assumed.

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