Friday Random Ten, “All Hail Discordia” edition

1. “Buck Buck (feat. Poet),” Dan the Automator
2. “Vengeance,” Mekons
2.5 “I Don’t Understand You,” They Might Be Giants
3. “Metropolitan Glide,” Tom Waits
4. “Stand By The Jams 12″Version,” The KLF
5. “Dirty Little Secret,” Sarah McLachlan
6. “Stand By The Jams,” The KLF
7. “Asleep And Dreaming,” The Magnetic Fields
8. “X-ecutioners (Theme) Song,” The X-Ecutioners
9. “Unrelated Thing,” They Might Be Giants
10. “John the Fisherman,” Primus

Bonus Track: “The Celibate Life,” The Shins

iTunes is really excited today about Tammy Wynette singing with The KLF, looks like.


13 thoughts on “Friday Random Ten, “All Hail Discordia” edition

  1. Tom

    damn. I was going to do this yesterday but ran into an old friend called beer at a happy hour turned into happy night peeing in alleys and stumbling home while wifey was at work. I see that I tried to call you but don’t remember if i succeeded. I’m sure I was funny whatever I said.

    here’s mine:

    Gin and Juice – The Gourds
    I am trying to break your heart – Wilco
    Tessie – Dropkick Murphys
    Amalombo – Ushonaphi Luthuli “Maskandi Hits”
    caress me down – Sublime
    Second Skin – Hugo Largo
    Girl from North Country – Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash
    Maklina – Amatshitshi Amhlophe “Maskandi Hits”
    Right Hand Man – Joan Osborne
    Don’t let the bastards get you down – Kris Kristofferson

    Jackson – Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

  2. Steve

    I can assure you that you didn’t succeed, because my phone’s been turned off. I respect the crap out of that Kris Kristofferson, though.

  3. Nicole

    All Because Of You-U2
    Hold On- Sarah McLachlan
    All Along The Watchtower- U2
    Hey Ma- Camron
    Nothing Compares 2 U- Sinead O’Connor
    Can you feel the love tonight- Elton John
    Great Heart- Johnny Clegg
    Because the Night- Bruce Springsteen
    Here I Go Again On My Own- Whitesnake
    How Sweet It Is- Marvin Gaye

    From where did this bonus track bidness come? And am I the only one who has ever had a song from the Lion King in the FRT???

  4. Steve

    I don’t even know what the protocol for bonus tracks is. I’ve asked a few times over at Pandagon, but never gotten a response. So “The Celibate Life” came around on shuffle after the first 10 had already been done, and I like that song, so I decided that it would be the bonus track this week.

  5. Eric

    Ok, so it’s well past Friday, but I have iTunes on now since the neighbors dog won’t shut the hell up. Here we go…

    Fighter – Christina Aguilera
    The Lesson Pt 3 – The Roots
    Butterflies – Toad the Wet Sprocket
    I’m Like a Bird – Nelly Furtado
    My Favorite Accident – Motion City Soundtrack
    Puberty – Belly
    The Touch – Stan Bush
    Parachutes – Pearl Jam
    The Way You Move – Outkast
    Corduroy – Pearl Jam

    My iTunes is a little high in estrogen, but thankfully The Touch came on and cranked things back up.

  6. Ananth

    Eric gets mad props for also having a track for Transformers the Movie on His iPod. But does he have the movie heavy metal theme?

  7. pedro

    Radio War – Iron and Wine
    The Ha Ha Wall – Libertines
    Break My Body – Pixies
    Lavender – 50 Foot Wave
    Cupid’s Trick – Elliot Smith
    Man in Black – Johnny Cash
    Gouge Away – Pixies
    Honey – The Screens
    Multitude of Casualties – The Hold Steady
    Swim – Madder Rose

    Bonus Track: John Wayne Gacy Jr. – Sufjan Stevens

    I’m stunned the pixies popped twice! 734 songs on my Ipod. I have also come to loathe The Hold Steady.

  8. Steve

    The Iron and Wine isn’t helping either, you lover of soft-voiced men, you.

    Obviously, I haven’t a leg to stand on when accusing others of being sensitive young men, as you know. Cf. the Sarah McLachlan in the above post.

    I don’t think I used “cf.” correctly there, but “n.b.” didn’t feel right, either.

  9. Eric

    Dude, would you rather be a lover of soft-voiced men or Sarah Mc-fuckin-lachlan. No contest. Pedro’s kung fu is weak. Probably the coiffed emo hair over one eye messin with his depth perception. That’s right I said it. Go back and read all the pussy shit I listen to then re-read “Pedro’s kung fu is weak” and lemme know how that makes you feel (Steve, if he cries we know for certain). Nah, I’m just kiddin. You had the Man in Black. ‘Nuff said.

  10. pedro

    I was a little angry at first. But then I realized that you were the one who listens to Toad. And Belly. And you still say Sarah Mc=fuckin’-lachlan like it’s 1998.

    And I was fine.

    Got to say fellas. I don’t listen to Ms. My-Glock-nine anymore. She gives me cavities now.

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