…in my belly, it gives me a blazar for the rest of the day.

(via Bad Astronomy Blog)


7 thoughts on “WHEN GALAXIES COLLIDE!…

  1. Ananth

    Do you know that colors they apply to spaces images aren’t real? It was one of the more depressing things I learned when I working at STSCI.

  2. Steve

    Space Fetus! In some alternate universe, Jack Kirby drew that comic book.

    Jen: Does The Fountain involve some sort of cosmic anal plasma-jet, or is the title just happy coincidence?

  3. Eric

    What do you mean the colors aren’t real? I can’t believe someone in a position of authority would be lying to me.

    And Jen how have you seen The Fountain? It’s not out for another month. Also, I just checked and sadly it’s not playing at the HIFF though I do get Babel and Volver early.

  4. Jennifer

    I saw it at the Chicago International Film Festival Monday night.

    If you see it on a big screen, and you go along for the ride (hint: no thinking, just watching), you might think it as beautiful as I did.

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