Get your dick out of your heart!

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. I’m serious.

Yacht Rock Episode 1

Yacht Rock Episode 2
Yacht Rock Episode 3
Yacht Rock Episode 4
Yacht Rock Episode 5 (my favorite)
Yacht Rock Episode 6
Yacht Rock Episode 7
Yacht Rock Episode 8
Yacht Rock Episode 9
Yacht Rock Episode 10

After having made episodes for a year, they stopped this past June, which I realize makes linking to it now like the Internet equivalent of, “Holy shit, have you seen this show Friends?” but whatever. You must experience this.

(via, more or less, The Poor Man)


14 thoughts on “Get your dick out of your heart!

  1. Steve

    Why aren’t you Visigoths watching these episodes, and posting your glee? Savages! Huns! This is ART! This is comedy platinum! I’ve been singing “What a Fool Believes” around the house for a week, and cracking up!

    Do you think I am being liar to you? Bathe in the funny, immediately!

  2. Ananth

    They are long and have been working too much.Plus I can’t watch streaming video at work. I have seen like 3 so far. Its on my list to finish this weekend, but I have a lot of WoWing to do, plus splinter cell 4 comes out today

  3. pedro

    You play WoW? Exciting! What server? I’m on Gilneas. Horde fucking rules!

    Watching streaming video that is prefaced with “Get Your Dick Out of My Heart” just screams “NWS” or “GONNA GET FIRED IF YOU WATCH THIS” so I haven’t bothered.

    Then, when I get home…like Ananth, I fucking log on and play WoW. I got me some dragons to kill and weekdays are for raiding. Aren’t I the coolest?

  4. Ananth

    I have a horde character on Shadow Council and I run Alliance on Moon Runner… I am not cool enough to raid, since my highest character is only level 32. and I refuse to be one of those people who plays WoW 60hours a week. Yet.

  5. pedro

    Me too! Luckily I’m in a casual raiding guild that doesn’t require attendance. So I join up when I’m in the mood for a raid and since I’m a priest, I get into the raid without any problems (despite my low attendance). I await the expansion eagerly…but I’ve been max level for a low while. With my priest (60), working on a warrior and mage (both 40s). It’s a great game! I wish more people I knew wasted their time playing it like I do.

    I mean. There’s dragons to kill! Who cares about Keith Olberman’s latest rant or Galaxies assploding!

  6. Steve

    Dude, if I’ma link to something that NSFW, I’ll put a warning up. I don’t *actually* want to get any of y’all fired. And naturally, you can’t be streaming video at work either. But seriously, I try to direct you howler monkeys toward the greatest thing you’ll ever see in your life, and you just want to frolic with computer elves. Peasants.

  7. Eric

    “the greatest thing you’ll ever see in your life” – Steve clearly has never watched the female night elves dance.

    I haven’t really played since I got out to Hawaii last year, but even I have a few characters in the 40s. Ananth you disappoint me (but only on a WoW level which still puts you ahead of most people).

  8. Ananth

    I Will strive hard to redeem myself. I plan to get 60 beor the expansion…. and yes dancing elves are hot

  9. Steve

    I think #2 is my favorite.

    Word. What can equal John Oates yelling “Fuck you,” and whip-kicking Peter Cetera in the nuts?

    About fifty other things in those ten episodes, that’s what. In comedy terms, these guys are doing what John Rogers has referred to as “manifesting the avatar.”

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