Even their *prose* is deadly

Kathryn Cramer is looking into the case of Joseph Cafasso, lately a Fox News consultant, whose military career turns out to have been a good deal less glory-saturated than he has claimed.

He claimed he was a SEAL, among other things. I will never, to my dying day, understand why someone would falsely, in public, claim to have been a SEAL. All that does is guarantee that you’ll eventually have a lot of SEALs pissed off at you. I can only speak for myself, but if I live my life having never pissed off a member of the Special Forces, I’ll consider that a success.

Here’s a link, found via Making Light, to a New York Times article about Cafasso, posted on the VeriSEAL website.

Under the article is an email Cafasso sent to VeriSEAL, which is classic. Whatever brain lesions cause a person to run around claiming to totally be a Super Secret Special Forces Karate Master must also doom him to write like a sugar-shocked thirteen-year-old.

Needless to say, the word “sic” appears quite frequently in the posted email, though not nearly as frequently as it could.

Beneath Cafasso’s note is the reason you’re reading this, the response email from a member of the VeriSEAL staff to which this post’s title refers.


One thought on “Even their *prose* is deadly

  1. Tom

    Their prose is deadly. There’s a not-so-subtle subtext threatening the dude with a soap bar beat down like they did to the fat guy in Full Metal Jacket.

    I’d also like to add that my perpetual dream candidate, Bob Kerrey, was truly a Navy SEAL and was nailing Debra Winger even though he had a prosthetic leg. And he doesn’t really feel like he deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor he won, as it was politicized. And he supports universal health care.

    He may or may not have killed women and children in ‘nam, but, you know, war is hell.

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