M.C. Escher that’s my favorite M.C.

I know for a fact there’s a dent in the wall of one of the second-storey rooms in the house in which I grew up that was caused by the hurling of a twenty-sided die.  That’s just how I rolled, as a lad.


5 thoughts on “M.C. Escher that’s my favorite M.C.

  1. Eric

    Brilliant. I watched the whole thing and I hate that song almost more than life itself.

    On a side-note what self-respecting rapper sings about a Playstation controller and then has the buxom chick in his video playing an XBox. Street cred minus 250 pts.

  2. Steve

    I didn’t notice it in the above video, but I’ve totally seen that before, where they’ll be rapping about their X-Box/Playstation and be playing the wrong one in the video. Seriously, you can afford the one-day rental on the Maserati, the Bentley, and the English manor house for the video, but you can’t run down to Blockbuster and make sure you’ve got the right system hooked up to the bigscreen? Sloppy.

    Also, Graham, you’re a drama geek. Whole ‘nother species.

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