Get out your periodic table! That’s me on the bottom right!

It cannot be coïncidence* that I’ve spent the entire weekend playing Guitar Hero.

Lauren has been watching a metal documentary, and is clearly no stranger herself to the metal.  From comments, I followed a link to the Wikipedia page for Lemmy Fuckin’ Kilmister.  Imagine my surprise as I learned that “Kilmister” — and a metal-er fuckin’ appellation you will not find — is actually the surname with which he was born.

His name, his moustache — Lemmy is the genetic culmination of the Heavy Metal branch of the human evolutionary tree.  I will hear no argument on this subject.

And it’s really goddamn satisfying to play “The Ace of Spades” on Guitar Hero.

That is all.  Go about your business.

*If I can’t have a fuckin’ umlaut, I’ll take the fuckin’ dieresis.