Also, for the record…

Baboon penis

Baboon penis.

(Via Tom, citizen photojournalist.)


4 thoughts on “Also, for the record…

  1. Nicole

    Umm can we talk more about the creepy baboon with his ween hanging out and the little baboon child trying to find a happy place? And is Tom the Citizen Photojournalist Tom Tom? What the hell is he doing taking baboon porn photos?

  2. Tom

    As Steve said it was just like this:

    me: “holy shit honey, pull the fuck over! did you see the magnificent cock on that baboon!?!?!?”

    megan: “fucking a! get the goddamn camera tom, that monkey dong is fan-fucking-tastic!!!”

    ok, actually I was taking pictures of the baby baboon in the foreground and didn’t notice the simian wang till my shit was on shutterfly.

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