Testing, by Christ.

Someone write a comment, and tell me if the pirate filter I just installed in anticipation of Talk Like a Pirate Day is working.


15 thoughts on “Testing, by Christ.

  1. pedro

    I hate you, Steve. Talk like a pirate day is like the stupidest thing ever. A holiday created by 2 idiots who thought it’d be funny to play a game of racquetball in pirate lingo.

    Pirates do not talk like Talk Like a Pirate Day. Pirates are bad ass motherfuckers. Talk Like a Pirate Day mocks pirates.

    When you mock pirates, you put your own ass on the line! You’ve been warned.

  2. Nicole

    Is it supposed to translate boring everyday conversation into pirate lingo? Is Johnny Depp involved at all? Will the magic happen when I click submit?

  3. Steve

    Is it supposed to translate boring everyday conversation into pirate lingo?

    That was the idea, yeah. Although nothing seems to be happening.

  4. Ananth

    I don’t want to nitpick this or anything, but some of these problems are problems with any and all voting systems. They may be amplifeid by using technology, but things like poll workers tampering machines are problems everywhere, and to some extent, the higher skill set needed to commit the fraud undetected makes it less likely, than say some just ‘losing’ a bunch of ballots or ballot stuffing. That being said, sure you do everything you can to tighten up the security once you see what the problems are. Software systems are iterative processes. You come up with functionality, then you change it as the requirements warrant. The thing about the voting machines that will be better than other forms of voting is that these changes will happen faster and better than traditional voting methods.

    Also, there is ZERO proof that this voting machines have had any fraud done thus far. Contrary to Robert Kennedy assertions. If we are concerned with voting fraud let start somewhere like Chicago….

  5. Eric

    Johnny Depp is not a pirate. And Ananth’s (and Pedro’s) rant would have been much cooler in Pirate speak. Although the political blabber should quit cloggin up the important pirate post.

  6. Tom

    I watched wife swap for a bit last night and that couple from the ‘talk like a pirate’ website were a couple of douches and not pirates at all. They were Ren Fair rejects and I seriously doubt either of them ever bent a cabin boy over a powder keg.

    They probably add Coke to their rum, instead of seawater.

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