I probably could have made a “church” joke here somehow

Matthew Yglesias, who is much smarter than I am, and who had been accumulating more identities, blogularly speaking, than Marduk, has decided to ditch that paganesque shit and consolidate himself into the One True Internet Yglesias.



3 thoughts on “I probably could have made a “church” joke here somehow

  1. Eric

    Steve Irwin is dead and you haven’t blogged about it yet. Get your priorities straight man.

    A few weeks back I went diving on the Big Island w/ manta rays speaking in my Irwin accent about how beautiful and deedly they were. Had I but known I would have slaughtered them all.

  2. Tom

    A Manta Ray plunged a barb into his chest. What a magnificently Ridley Scott way to go.

    Is it just jellyfish bites that you can pee on? Maybe he should’ve peed on his own chest, that might’ve helped.

  3. Eric

    I peed on my own chest once and it didn’t help at all (sorry, I saw my opportunity to reference urinating in two posts in one day and I just went for it).

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