Friday Random Ten

Prepare your crane stance, for it is on!

1) “What They Do,” The Roots
2) “Too Late,” Yo La Tengo
3) “Penny Is Poison,” The Verve Pipe
4) “What Makes You Happy,” Liz Phair
5) “Stay Gold,” Stevie Wonder
6) “Close Edge,” Mos Def
7) “Albany,” They Might Be Giants
8) “Out of Jail,” They Might Be Giants
9) “Androgynous,” Crash Test Dummies
9.5) “Hey Now Everybody,” They Might Be Giants
10) “She’s Got a Broken Heart,” Bill Hicks

And Pluto, I still love you, no matter what some pointy-headed international body of astronomical experts says.

Motherfuckers. I’m with Ellis. UPDATE: Okay, I’m with Ellis on that, too, but what I’d meant to link is this: You’ll Have To Pry Pluto Out Of My Cold Dead Education


10 thoughts on “Friday Random Ten

  1. Tom

    Shit shit shit! I didn’t write it down this morning, now that I can play too, ok, here’s roughly what I recall from my shower, using the shuffle of my playlist, as a true shuffle would include too many of Megan’s shitty Tupac songs:

    Change the Locks – Lucinda Williams
    Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show
    Head On – Jesus and Mary Chain
    All This I’ve Done For You – Husker Du
    I got some move – Sam Winch
    500 Miles – Down By Law
    Fields of Athenry – Dropkick Murphys
    Emperor’s New Clothes – Sinead O’Connor
    Hungry Arms – Wonderlick
    Girl from North Country – Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan

    And fuck Pluto. Making Pluto a planet for sentimental reasons is the equivalent of the BCS’s lovey-dovey Coach’s poll ranking a college football team higher because the coach is a venerable old has-been like Joe Paterno. There is no room for sentimentality in taxonomy.

  2. Ananth

    I think the real question is how less than 5% of the register Astronomers in the world can take a vote on something this major (to culture not for anything else) and expect it to hold.

    How does this friday Random ten game worK? What must one do with his/her Ipod?

  3. Steve

    You put your mp3 playing application on shuffle, and report the first ten songs it gives you, and you’re not allowed to skip anything or edit your list. If it gives you, for instance, a Crash Test Dummies song, you proclaim it to the world. If iTunes had happened to play some goofy podcast, or the Kelly Clarkson song I have hiding on there, I’d have had to tell you about that, too.

  4. Nicole

    Oh Steve!! That’s such a downer mnemonic!! The kids are not going to like that.

    I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm-Billie Holiday
    You Give Love a Bad Name-Bon Jovi
    New Kid (On The Block)-Barenaked Ladies
    My Way-Frank Sinatra & Pavarotti
    I’m Not Ready-Jackopierce
    Sand In My Shoes-Dido
    The Promise-Tracy chapman
    Last Song On Blue Tape-The Reindeer Section
    So Happy Together-The Turtles

  5. Eric

    Oh baby. Oh baby. I’ve got 2 copies of The Chronicles of Narnia on the way (let’s see how they like shipping to Hawaii). Oh and for my fake account I used Mathias Shepard, because my hate runs deep, too.

    Make Them Apologize – Ani DiFranco
    Autographs & Apologies – Motion City Soundtrack
    Vampire Hunter J – J-Live
    Hey You – No Doubt
    California Love – 2Pac & Dre
    Something’s Always Wrong – Toad the Wet Sprocket
    Portishead – Humming
    Where the Hood At? – DMX
    Ice – Sarah McLachlan
    Thanks a Lot – Third Eye Blind

  6. Kate

    I wanna play! (By the way, for those of you who have been watching the Emmys, Dick Clark made me really sad; I think I must have slept through New Year’s and I wasn’t prepared at all.)

    1) A Ballad for the Fallen Soldier (Jay-Z)
    2) When the Music Stops (Eminem)
    3) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (The Beatles)
    4) Wave Goodbye (Chris Cornell)
    5) Let Go (Frou Frou)
    6) Float On (Modest Mouse)
    7) Cool (Gwen Stefani)
    8) Friendship (Tenacious D)
    9) After an Afternoon (Jason Mraz)
    10) St. Jimmy (Green Day)

  7. Ananth

    My turn

    1)It’s your thing The Isley Brothers
    2)Walking in the Rain The Ronnettes
    3) Born to be Be Wild Steppenwolf
    4)The Leader of the Pack The Shangri-Las
    5)Everyday People- Sly and the Family Stone
    6)Bittersweet Symphony The Verve
    7)Sign ‘O’ the Times- Prince
    8)Piece of my Heart Big Brother & the Holding Company
    9)Swallowed Bush
    10)Sweet Jane The Velvet Underground

    Also Dick Clark will never die… His latest clone/andriod replacement will be ready any day now….

  8. Eric

    I was a little late on the Steve bandwagon, so when I clicked on your “I’m with Ellis” link in regards to Pluto it brought me to the most recent post which is a way to scam Focus on the Family. Everyone go back and click on that link. You’ll thank me later.

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