The Editors have a positive vision

> Getting Serious about terror”>There. Now I’ve articulated a strategy every bit as coherent and likely to succeed as the Bush-Cheney-Sullivan strategy.


7 thoughts on “The Editors have a positive vision

  1. Graham

    Say what you want, but it’s these types of questions the Dems have to answer to show they are serious about domestic security. This doesn’t have to do with the War, per se. You can be against the War, and also be hawkish on domestic security. However this blog seems content to side-step the question and wrap itself in the warm embrace of the liberal blogosphere. Can’t we cut through the shit and talk real solutions to actual problems?

  2. Tom

    Not being in the loop in federal terrorism preparation I can’t say this isn’t being done already but it seems to me that perhaps anti-terrorism should work something like the computer anti-virus industry. There should be a roomful of nerds somewhere thinking of horrible shit that could happen, calculating the feasibility, and taking prophylactic measures. When a threat is real, or there is evidence it’s in the works, the roomful of nerds goes public and the act of going public causes everyone to get their ducks in a row.

    That appears to roughly be the case of what happened with the liquids but there should have been a plan waiting to be activated. I mean, it occurred to me several years ago that there was absolutely nothing stopping me from filling my Evian bottle with kerosene so the potentially non-existent roomful of nerds should’ve come up with it much sooner, right? And created a plan, a plan that could have gathered dust and never been used, but a plan could be put in place relatively quickly (and drilled on if it seemed slightly more likely than any of the other horrible things) for every conceivable horrible thing, right?

    I agree the Democrats need to be concrete and commit up with real plans and tell the American public how we would do things. Let’s commit federal defense dollars to better armored vehicles that can withstand the metal-eating molten copper being attached to IED’s. Let’s work with Jordan and Saudi Arabia to hold a summit of Muslim clerics to address sectarian violence. Let’s pour money hand-over-fist into Iraq to rebuild television and radio and the Internet so people can hear divergent points of view and participate in higher levels of debate. If we’re going to win we need to actually say things, and that’s not really happening.

  3. Ananth

    They do have people that do that kind of stuff. They are called Red Teams. They also have Blue teams that try and stop the Red Teams. They have known about liquid explosives for a while, but they hard to detect unless you test the samples are run things through a gas spectrometer.

  4. Eric

    To quote the glorious leader of this fair and balanced website, greetings bitches. The URL has changed but Steve’s man-crush on Warren Ellis and the liberal propaganda remain the same.

    I recognize I’m 10 days too late on this one and that your vast intellects have already defeated terrorism and moved on to baboon penises, but I felt the need to comment.

    Since we’ve all snuck vodka in to concerts using water bottles, this should not have been news to the Red Team. What saddens me is that all the Blue Team could come up with is “No Liquids”. I understand plan B probably cost more than the GDP of all of Africa, but I was hoping for a little more with the amount that’s actually being spent. If that doesn’t even stop high school students from sneakin in their booze and weed using the high tech method of shoving it down their pants how will this really stop anything? Juicy just came on my iTunes and it requires my undivided attn, but I give it no more than 5 yrs before we have to strip and submit to anal probes. While that may excite some of you degenerates I just want my nailclippers back.

  5. Steve

    The “no liquids” thing is what Bruce Schneier calls “security theater.” If you’re going to make a big deal out of the Terrorist Threat, you have to make a big deal out of your response. Quiet competence never won anyone any elections.

    I expect there’s some ass-covering going on, too. When you want to keep your public service job, it’s better to appear to be doing something, even if it doesn’t work, than to do something that no one sees, even if it does.

    Also, I don’t know who’s sneaking what into Dave Matthews concerts, but this sort of “Liquids on a Plane” scenario does indeed have a precedent.

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